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Found on Low Industrial, who writes

This British seatbelt PSA is gradually hokey and then suddenly powerful. It reminds me of this Acura safety commercial from a year or two ago. Beautiful work, both.

Totally agree. This shit just made me cry. Damn you, Brits!


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This is nothing short of brilliant.

All Things Fangirl writer, NYU alum, and all around great gal TooAdorkable is the star of this video, asserting herself as a force to be reckoned with at the age of two. The video features her trying to explain to her mother that she “brokah” her “fingah” but when mommy can’t stop laughing, mini-adorkable gets VERY upset. Also check out the sly looks to the camera. Someone knows she’s being filmed! Saavy toddler, you!

Enjoy the how-isn’t-this-a-viral-smash-yet video, below

Hat Tip: @xoxogg‘s Tumblr

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I caught a little bit of All My Children last week. Just enough to see Ryan and Erica in bed together and want to claw my eyes out. If you don’t know who they are or what that means, you are very lucky and I advise you not to look into it any further. But of course, me, being quite the masochist when it comes to things like this, had to know how the HELL the writers justified something so ridiculous. So after a wiki search proved useless, I went on you tube and searched “Ryan Erica AMC First Kiss.” No first kiss came up. I think there was a love scene clip that I couldn’t bear to watch as I just had dinner and didn’t want to lose it right away.

But something else interesting popped up in this search. Something so girlie & hilarious that it OBVIOUSLY warrants a post. It’s a series called Connected Through Kisses. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you wanna connect Gwyneth Paltrow to Jason Segal. Well….watch below.

Get it?

And there are nine more of these.

I mean. I thought only I would be crazy enough to spend hours making videos like this..and even I have never made a single video like this. Let alone 10.

But whatever, I’m still kind of obsessed with them and kind of watched all of them. And you can too! I’ve posted all of them for your convenience after the jump. Enjoy a very girlie next 15 minutes of your life!

Matthew McConaughey to John Cusack

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Vanessa Hudgens

Robert Pattinson to Heath Ledger

Katie Holmes to Jimmy Fallon

John Krasinski to Mary Kate Olsen

Christian Bale to Ryan Gosling

Alyson Hannigan to Patrick Dempsey

Ginnifer Goodwin to Reese Witherspoon

Gerard Butler to Salma Hayek

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Just to make it easier for those of you heading this way to see our exclusive footage of Lady Gaga from a 2005 talent show. Originally posted in this week’s installment of Da7e & Muse Correct Gossip Girl. Enjoy! She’s amazing.

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The marching band from Penn State clearly has a thing for movies. And so do I! Thusly, this video rocks my face off. The art of creating giant pictures made of people is completely beyond me. I have no clue how they do it. But this is some of the best people-made-giant-art I’ve seen in a while. Set to awesome music played awesomely. So – enjoy!

Hat Tip: Topless Robot

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…That is all

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Was a post-less weekend due to having zero time at home! And am now off to gawk at theater stars at an off broadway company’s gala! Woot! I encompass oh so many types of geek. Raul Esparza, droooool.

Have a lot more stuff to post this week, just won’t be getting around to it until tomorrow. For now, you can follow my Twitter where I’ll be tweeting about anything neat that happens involving random celebrities like Esparza (drooool), Bill Macy, Ted Danson, Felicity Huffman, Ethan Coen, etc.

So here’s a round up of what we were up to last week, in case ya missed it!

Katee Sackhoff

I did my write up on her Q&A from Starfest, featuring exclusive photo and video

Then posted photos of HER SIGNING MY FRAK HAT AHHHHH


MTV spoiled The Uninvited for me. At first I was pissed. Then I got over it.

Vote for your favorite Lost Couple moment at ABC.com. Go Sawyer/Kate first kiss! Or first sex! Don’t really care as long as it’s Sawyer/Kate!


Posted brainteasers testing your knowledge of video games, and ones testing your knowledge of television. Plus the answers!


Indie comedy The Graduates is having a two night premiere event at the Astoria Beer Gardens that is open to the public. Sweet.



I died laughing over what happens when a cat MUST PLAY WITH A BOX NOW

Best new make out scene? Chuck & Sarah FTW! The screen cap I managed to score is oddly super hot. Don’t you agree?

American Idol

I was flying all day Tuesday, so we were treated to david’s pre-show predictions

My thoughts on the disco week performances plus my results show predictions

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