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Watch John Mayer–being honesty, witty, and the wonderful guitar player/songwriter that he is–on Vh1’s Storytellers. Despite the rumors that he’s a womanizing douche and despite his silly singing face, I LOVE HIM AND WANT HIM.



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British singer Findlay Brown performed on Letterman last night & seriously impressed the pants off not only the audience, but Paul & the band and Dave himself. If you’ve been watching Dave as long as I have, you know it ain’t easy to impress the man. Findlay Brown’s music has been playing on and off in my family’s household for a year now and for the past month or so has been playing non-stop. His wistful blend of soulful Righteous Brothers vocals & Zombies/British Invasion-esque structure makes for a refreshing experience in today’s musical landscape made up mostly of electro-pop and the alternative, guys & girls with acoustic guitars or pianos. His songs jump back and forth between coming right out of the 50s & right out of the 60s, but with enough of a modern tinge to sound completely unique. I encourage you to check out his MySpace page and if you like him enough, to pick up his album on iTunes or Amazon or wherever the hell they sell albums digitally these days.

His performance on Dave below

Note: I rarely write about music because I don’t feel I have the proper vocabulary to describe anything properly. But please don’t let my poor diction prevent you from checking out this artist!

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You can now download Vampire Weekend’s new album “Contra” on iTunes or Amazon. Today, Amazon is selling the whole album for just 3.99! So while I have a lot of issues with Amazon.com (because it’s aiding in the demise of real books and bookstores), I still recommend purchasing it here… it’s a tough economy and we all need to save money somehow.

Anyway, I still listen to and love the band’s first album and I hope this one rocks too.

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I had the pleasure of attending Carney’s farewell concert this Thanksgiving weekend, and despite the fact that the venue was littered with entirely too many people from my high school, I had a great time. These guys are seriously talented and will fit in well with the Broadway scene next year – a year that will also include the high-octane, non-stop rock opera musical fun-gasm that is American Idiot and Christopher Walken looking for his missing hand in the brand new Martin McDonagh play, A Behanding in Spokane.

Hang on. Let’s all re-read that bit about Martin McDonagh and them scream in joy together.
That felt good. Moving on.

At this concert, Castling and I turned the good ol’ reliable iPhone camera on at the exact right moment and captured a fantastic 10 minutes, broken up into three videos below.

The first is Reeve Carney’s first public announcement to his fans that he will be taking on the role of Peter Parker on Broadway next year. Here, we’re also treated to some fantastic news – since the entire Carney band will be in the orchestra, Carney will be performing occasional midnight shows for their NY fans!

The second, is Reeve’s solo cover of the first part of Bohemian Rhapsody.

The third is Carney’s amazing cover of I Want You/She’s So Heavy.

Enjoy! Videos after the jump.

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Updated: The music video for Love Me Chase Me is now online! Starring Reeve Carney & Evan Rachel Wood, soon to be on broadway as Peter Parker & Mary-Jane. Enjoy!

Love Me Chase Me – Carney


Here is a video released today by the band Carney, the first in a series chronicling the making of their first music video, Love Me Chase Me. You may notice that the male lead of this video is Carney lead singer and soon to be Spiderman on Broadway, Reeve Carney, and the female lead is the soon to be Mary Jane, Evan Rachel Wood.

Take a sneak peak at the chemistry that will be rocking Spiderman: Turn off the Dark below.

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The marching band from Penn State clearly has a thing for movies. And so do I! Thusly, this video rocks my face off. The art of creating giant pictures made of people is completely beyond me. I have no clue how they do it. But this is some of the best people-made-giant-art I’ve seen in a while. Set to awesome music played awesomely. So – enjoy!

Hat Tip: Topless Robot

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